10 Best Dog Cooling Mats in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

A cooling mat is essential if you live in hot climates or have a dog that overheats easily. There are several different kinds of cooling mats available, and shopping for the right one can become overwhelming—especially on a hot summer day!

To help you out, we have some reviews of a variety of popular cooling mats that will help you get to know your options. Along with reading our reviews, take a look at our buyer’s guide to finding a cooling mat that your dog will like.

After you read the following information, you should have a better understanding of the different types of cooling mats and which ones will be a great fit for your dog.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites 2022

The 10 Best Dog Cooling Mats

1. Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Elevated Dog Bed – Best Overall

Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Elevated Dog Bed

Materials: Nylon, metal
Maximum Pet Weight: 90 pounds

One of the most effective ways to keep a pet cool is to elevate its mat so that air can flow beneath it. This provides a cooling effect and keeps the surface of the mat dry.

The Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Elevated Dog Bed is a portable cot that’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. You can set it up on different surfaces, and you also don’t have to worry about mud because the mat’s elevated. The cot also has a curved back panel so that dogs can rest comfortably with back support.

This cooling cot can’t be rolled up like traditional cooling mats and may take up more space. However, it’s still easy to set up, break down, and stow away. The frame is also made with rust-resistant steel, so it can withstand the outside elements without quickly deteriorating.

We love that this type of cooling mat is extremely versatile, and we can confidently say that it’s the best overall dog cooling mat.

  • Keeps mat surface dry
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Can set up on different kinds of surfaces
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Bulkier than rollup cooling mats

2. Frisco Cooling Orthopedic Dog Crate Mat – Best Value

Frisco Cooling Orthopedic Dog Crate Mat

Materials: Orthopedic foam, polyester
Maximum Pet Weight: None

The Frisco Cooling Orthopedic Dog Crate Mat is designed to keep your dog cool while it rests in its crate. It has an orthopedic egg-crate foam filler that allows air to flow and reduce heat. The foam also evenly distributes the dog’s weight to provide comfortable support.

The bottom of the cooling mat has non-slip padding, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around whenever your dog gets on top of it. The cover of the mat is also machine-washable, so it’s convenient to keep it clean and maintain it. However, it’s not waterproof, so it’s not the best option if you have puppies that are still in potty training.

Overall, this cooling mat is great for adult dogs, and it has a lot of convenient features, such as being machine-washable and fitting inside crates. So, it’s the best dog cooling mat for the price you pay.

  • Fits in most wire dog crates
  • Orthopedic egg-crate foam filler
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Non-skid bottom

3. Arf Pets Self-Cooling Gel Dog Crate Mat – Premium Choice

Arf Pets Self-Cooling Solid Gel Dog Crate Mat

Materials: Cooling gel, nylon
Maximum Pet Weight: None

This cooling mat is self-charging and provides cooling relief for up to three hours of continued use. The cooling gel technology inside the mat recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of rest, so it’s ready to use fairly quickly.

The mat comes in several different sizes, and these sizes fit well inside many brands of crates and kennels. It’s also easy to roll up and carry around with you, so you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Although the nylon is marketed as durable and puncture-resistant, many dog owners have reported that it wears down quickly and larger dog breeds seem to be able to break through it with their nails. So, it’s better for older dogs or dogs with calmer temperaments. The nylon is also fairly slippery, so dogs may slide off of it if they’re not on leveled ground.

  • Self-charging
  • Lasts up to 3 hours
  • Fits in crates and kennels
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Cover isn’t puncture-resistant
  • Slippery

4. The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad – Best for Puppies

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad

Materials: Cooling gel
Maximum Pet Weight: None

This cooling mat uses a pressure-activated cooling gel that lasts for up to 3 hours. The recharging process doesn’t require any water, electricity, or refrigeration. It just recharges in 15 to 20 minutes when completely unused and not left in the sun.

The cooling gel is non-toxic, so if your puppy accidentally takes a bite out of it, you don’t have to worry too much. The mat is also easy to clean and often just needs spot cleaning. It also fits inside most crates and kennels.

Most customers have reported that this cooling mat can stop working quickly and doesn’t last a very long time. However, this issue may be overlooked for puppy owners because there can be a chance that you have to pick a larger mat as your puppy grows.

  • Lasts up to 3 hours
  • Recharges automatically
  • Non-toxic cooling gel
  • Fits in most crates and kennels
  • Doesn’t last a long time

5. MICROCOSMOS Pet Cooling Mat


Materials: Cooling fibers
Maximum Pet Weight: None

The MICROCOSMOS Pet Cooling Mat uses high-tech fibers to keep dogs cool in warm temperatures. It doesn’t require any water, refrigeration, or electricity. All you have to do is lay it out under indirect sunlight, and it’ll keep your dog cool and comfortable.

The mat has a rubber bottom layer, and it’s leakproof, so you can also use it as a sustainable pee pad. The rubber layer has a great grip, so you can use it on multiple surfaces and even in the car. Since this cooling mat doesn’t use any gel, it’s completely machine-washable, and you can also put it in the dryer.

One drawback is that this mat is relatively thin. You can easily feel rocks and pebbles underneath it, so it isn’t the most comfortable option for dogs. You’ll most likely have to lay the mat on top of a softer surface, such as an elevated dog bed or travel mat.

  • Doesn’t use water, refrigeration, or electricity
  • Non-skid bottom layer
  • Also operates as a functional pee pad

6. Hugs Pet Products Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs

Hugs Pet Products Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs

Materials: Polyester
Maximum Pet Weight: 80 pounds

The Hugs Pet Products Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs is a cooling mat that’s pressure-activated. So, once your dog steps on this mat, the cooling agent activates and works for up to three hours. It also only takes about 15 to 20 minutes of rest to reactivate.

This mat comes in various sizes and each size fits inside most crates and kennels. It’s also very lightweight and portable, so you can use it indoors, outdoors, and in cars. Just make sure that you don’t leave it in cars to avoid damaging it.

The surface layer is made with polyester fabric that can puncture easily from biting and clawing. So, if you have a dog that likes to chew or dig, this cooling mat won’t last very long.

  • Pressure-activated
  • Lasts for 3 hours
  • Reactivates in 15 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable

7. Pawple Dog Cooling Mat

Pawple Dog Cooling Mat Small


Materials: Foam, nylon, vinyl
Maximum Pet Weight: None

The Pawple Dog Cooling Mat is a self-cooling mat that uses water and orthopedic foam to provide a comfortable lounging spot for your dog. The surface layer is made with strong nylon and vinyl that’s puncture-resistant. The mat also has an air adjustment valve that releases air trapped in the mat to regulate the cooling temperature.

The mat is durable enough to be used outdoors, but it’s not recommended for very hot weather. The water won’t stay cool, so it’ll turn ineffective. It’s best to use it in indirect sunlight and shaded areas.

  • Orthopedic foam provides comfort and joint support
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Air adjustment valve for temperature regulation
  • Doesn’t work in very hot weather

8. K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

Materials: Polyester, denier fabric, metal
Maximum Pet Weight: 200 pounds

This elevated cooling mat from K&H tends to be a more affordable option than our top pick, and it has similar features. It has a cooling pad on the center of the bed that you can fill with water to keep pets cool on hot summer days. The pad doesn’t contain any gels or harmful ingredients, and the mat is made with durable denier fabric, so it’s safe for pets and great for both indoor and outdoor use.

The stand has rubber attachments on the legs so that it can stand firmly on different types of surfaces. It’s also easily collapsible, so you can quickly transport it and store it away when not in use.

Since the mat contains water, it’s not breathable and moisture can sometimes gather around it. It’s also not machine-washable, but you can usually get dirt off by spot cleaning or spraying water on it with a hose.

  • Durable denier fabric
  • No harmful chemicals or gels
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • May gather moisture
  • Not machine-washable

9. Pet Fit For Life Cooling and Heating Pad

Pet Fit For Life Cooling and Heating Pad

Materials: Fleece, cooling gel
Maximum Pet Weight: 10 pounds

Smaller dogs and toy breeds tend to be more sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. The Pet Fit For Life Cooling and Heating Pad solves this issue by functioning as both a cooling mat and a heating pad.

This small mat can be kept in the freezer and taken out for hot summer days, and for the wintertime, you can microwave it and use it as a heating pad.

The surface material is made with soft fleece, so your small dog will enjoy cuddling with it or laying on it. It also has a wide zipper, so it’s easy to remove it from the gel insert, and you can machine-wash it. The gel is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry if your dog bites or scratches through the bag and ingests a little bit.

Although this is a versatile option, this mat tends to work better as a cooling mat. It can take a long time to microwave the gel to get it to a nice and warm temperature. The warmth also doesn’t last very long.

  • Soft fleece surface layer
  • Non-toxic gel insert
  • Machine-washable
  • Not for large dog breeds
  • Takes a long time to warm up

10. K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Dog Pad

K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Dog Pad

Materials: Nylon
Maximum Pet Weight: 80 pounds

This mat keeps dogs cool with water. All you have to do is pour water through its easy-fill cap and adjust the air valve. The mat has a Cool Core, which disperses the water evenly so that all areas provide cooling relief.

The surface fabric is made with strong and durable nylon, so you can use it for both indoor and outdoor settings. It can be inconvenient to empty the mat of the water, but it’s also machine-washable, so cleanup is still a fairly easy process.

The nylon is long-lasting, but depending on the weight of your dog and frequency of use, the mat can start to leak water after about a year. However, this cooling mat is one of the most affordable options, so replacing it doesn’t hurt your wallet as much as other expensive cooling mats.

  • No harmful cooling gels
  • Durable nylon
  • Machine-washable
  • Can be difficult to empty water
  • Mat may start to leak after a year


Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Dog Cooling Mat

When shopping for a cooling mat, there are several factors that you should look into to help you find a mat that best fits your dog’s needs. Keep the following components in mind as you browse through different cooling mat options.

Types of Cooling Agents

There are three main ways that mats provide a cooling relief to dogs.

Cooling Gel

Many mats use a chemical cooling gel insert. Some types of cooling gels have to be refrigerated or frozen to work, while others are pressure-activated. Pressure-activated gels are more convenient, but they tend to be more expensive.

Cooling gels also provide a soft and squishy texture for dogs. So, they tend to be comfortable and it’s easy to get dogs to lay down on them.

If you’re interested in purchasing a cooling mat with a gel insert, make sure to look for a gel that’s non-toxic. This will keep your dog safe if it scratches or bites through the bag.


Water is a safe alternative to cooling gel. Most cooling mats that use water are self-regulated, so you don’t have to switch out the water every time your dog wants to use them. They can be a hassle to empty and dry out, so make sure to look for one that’s machine-washable to make cleaning easier.

One thing to watch out for is leaking. Check filling tube caps to make sure that they screw on tightly and examine for any leaks before letting your dog use the mat.

Mesh and Breathable Fabric

Mesh and breathable fabric are a definite way to keep dogs dry and safe from harmful chemicals. They also don’t gather moisture because they allow air to pass through.

Most mesh cooling mats are also elevated cots, so they may not be good for small puppies or senior dogs. These dogs may have a hard time getting on and off the raised platform. On the other hand, these types of cooling mats tend to be good for dogs that have a tendency to chew because there isn’t really anything enticing to chew.

dog lying on a cooling mat outside by the water
Image Credit: Chewy

Types of Fabric

Along with mesh and breathable fabric, cooling mats also tend to use polyester or nylon. Both polyester and nylon have a set of pros and cons. Make sure to consider these factors when choosing between these fabrics.


  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Resists stretching and shrinking
  • Resists water better than nylon
  • Dries quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Can be cheaply made
  • Not as durable as nylon
  • Not biodegradable


  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Resists oil and chemical damage
  • Less water-resistant than nylon
  • Wrinkles
  • Not sustainably made
black dog inside a cage with cooling mat at home
Image Credit: Chewy

Maximum Weight

If you would like to choose a cooling gel or water cooling mat, make sure to check for its maximum weight capacity. The bags that contain the gel or water can burst when under too much pressure.

Orthopedic Foam

Some cooling mats also use a layer of orthopedic foam. Foam is a great option for senior dogs and can help alleviate joint pain when they lie down. Make sure to find a mat that uses a textured foam layer, such as egg-crate foam. These types of foam are breathable and help dogs keep cool.



Based on our reviews, the Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot Elevated Dog Bed is the best cooling mat for dogs because it keeps dogs cool without gathering moisture. It’s also great for both indoor and outdoor use. We also like the Frisco Cooling Orthopedic Dog Crate Mat because it’s an affordable option that keeps your dog cool, and it’s extremely comfortable for dogs of all ages.

Different cooling mats are appropriate for different kinds of dogs. Knowing your options will help you select the best mat for your special dog so that they can stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

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